AirRhino Air Filtration System

The AirRhino 2000 Carbon VS is a great, low-cost, fume filtration system for your Laser Cutting/Engraving Equipment or Welding Applications.

Many other options claim the ability to scrub Laser exhaust fumes, and recirculate the air back into the space. This is good and bad:

Good: Recirculating air back into the existing space, eliminates any issues with HVAC code requirements. Simply put, if you are removing air from a space and exhausting it outside, the building’s HVAC system must be able to recover that lost air as quickly as you remove it.

Bad: Recirculating air back into the space will provide you with continuous clean air, but the carbon filters inside of these systems hold the residual scent of burnt acrylic and wood products. Simply put, your space has clean air- but it stinks.

The Air Rhino can accommodate either of these options, recirculating air inside the space- or venting it to the outside. Many other brand names attempt to create systems that are meant to be kept inside. This is fine, but the systems are smaller and their CFM pull is low. In addition, their proprietary replacement filters will prove costly over time. The AirRhino 2000 Carbon VS, can be custom ordered with intake and exhaust vents wherever you like. The system can hang from a ceiling where it is remote operated, or sit on the floor. The replacement filters are less costly, and require replacing on an infrequent basis. While the system itself is a big 3′ x 2′ x 2′ galvanized steel box, (3) filters reside on the inside. One thin particulate filter, a HEPA Filter, and a Charcoal filter clean the passing air and spit it out clean.

Bottom Line: Air Filtration is costly, but so is healthcare. A filtration system should be required for any Laser Cutting operations, this specific brand and model, just happen to cost less than the others.

AirRhino 2000 Carbon VS

AirRhino 2000 Carbon VS



    Cost of Ownership


      Optional Features




          The Good

          • 1000 CFM! Strong Air Draw
          • Remote Operation
          • Low cost of ownership
          • Purchase Price

          The Bad

          • Carbon Filters are heavy! Replacing these filters w/Ceiling mounted systems, is a real head/back ache
          • Particulate Filter is tiny. Requires monitoring and frequent replacement.
          • Circulating Air back into the space stinks, literally.

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