Rabbit RL-Series Laser System

Rabbit Laser Equipment provides laser cutting and engraving capabilities- and is priced to sell.

The equipment itself, is primarily built from sheet steel and Chinese parts- this means you get low cost equipment, with low quality parts. If you have substantial experience with Laser Equipment, you can modify certain assemblies and upgrade specific parts to make the equipment more reliable. For example, the proximity sensors on this machine are $10.00, low-quality parts. Replacing these items with $60.00, higher-quality parts will ensure continued reliability into the future. The Equipment comes with a small compressor, Software, duct-fan blower, flexible ducting, and a water-chiller.

The small compressor is reliable, and a nice addition. The duct-fan blower, should vent directly to a filtration system (not out a nearby window). The flexible ducting is helpful, but Environmental Health & Safety may request you replace it with fire resistant ducting made for fumes. Many other Laser Brands, provide their laser tube in an aluminum, heat dissipating enclosure with multiple fans. The Laser Tube is not enclosed on the Rabbit Laser System, but it is cooled with the included water chiller. The water chiller requires annual maintenance, ensuring the water levels are correct, and mold is not growing in the lines. While the laser tube has proven reliable, the equipment features (2) large openings that expose the tube to any vaporized dust or debris inside the equipment. This harmful dust, should be exhausted through your filtration system, but in specific scenarios may end up settling on top of your Laser Tube, which will create increased temperatures and resulting in a shorter laser tube lifespan. Multiple tests on various Laser Systems, being used extensively in Academic settings, indicates the Laser Tube will require replacement every (2) Years. Rabbit Laser Systems feature a less costly Tube replacement cost, when compared to other brand names (~$500-$800 vs. ~$1200-$3000).


  • The RL-40-6040 Model, provides a (40) Watt Laser Tube with a 23.62″ x 15.74″ (600 x 400 mm) working area.
  • The RL-60-9060 Model, provides a (60) Watt Laser Tube with a 35.4″ x 23.6″ (900 x 600mm) working area.
  • The RL-80-1290 Model, provides an (80) Watt Laser Tube with a 47.2″ x 35.4″ (1200 x 900 mm) working area. Requires 220VAC!


  1. If you’re purchasing in the North-Eastern United States, Tech Support from Rabbit Laser USA is wonderful.
  2. If you have limited access to the final residing location of the Laser System, the RL Series can be disassembled to fit through doorways.
  3. You will need a PC Computer, desktop is preferred.
  4. You will need a Filtration System, read a review on AirRhino

Bottom Line: You can’t beat the price, but you can find better quality. Purchase if you’re low on funding, and willing to put some personal touches into the equipment.

Rabbit RL-Series Laser

Rabbit RL-Series Laser

Ease of Use










            The Good

            • Capable of being disassembled
            • Low cost of ownership
            • Origin Point can be set to any location on the bed
            • Tech Support

            The Bad

            • Low Quality parts and design
            • Touch Pad interface is mediocre
            • Heavy Lid on RL-80-1290 model
            • Software

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