The Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID) serves as the hub for collaborative and interdisciplinary design activity at Yale University. Since opening in 2012, its goal has been to enable the design, development, and actualization of ideas, from the whiteboard to the real world. Students, staff, and faculty from across Yale have access to CEID resources, participate in courses and events, and collaborate with CEID staff on a wide range of projects.

The CEID acts as both an educational resource as well as a focal point for design and engineering at Yale. The 9,000 square foot design lab combines an open studio, lecture hall, wet lab, and meeting rooms. The studio is equipped with 3-D printers, sewing station, hand-tools, electronics work stations, and a variety of materials for our members to use. Members have 24/7 access to the studio space, as well as to a state-of-the-art machine shop, wood + plastics shop, and wet lab while CEID staff are present.

A variety of activities, events, and organizations are hosted in the center: CEID workshops and training sessions allow members to build skills through fun hands-on projects, while guest lectures, tech talks, and social events bring together people from all over Yale to have fun and share ideas. From undergraduate clubs to hackathons, the CEID supports interdisciplinary activity at all levels.

CEID courses and curriculum take students beyond the traditional academic experience, encouraging them to work collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to real world problems. From musical instruments to medical devices, students are exposed to design and structured problem solving through a variety of course topics and themes. Students work with mentors from within and outside of Yale who act as both clients and experts in the field. Student work in courses has produced patents, publications, companies, and above all, unique and in-depth learning experiences that move ideas from the lecture hall to the studio and beyond the classroom.

The CEID is also home to a vibrant and diverse community of members. Over the past three years, nearly 3000 people have become members of the CEID, representing over a hundred undergraduate and graduate degrees and all the professional schools on campus. They are supported by talented CEID staff members who provide theoretical and technical expertise on topics ranging from mechanical engineering to graphic design.

The CEID’s space, resources, and community form a unique locus of interdisciplinary creativity at Yale. From anthropology to urban studies, the CEID brings together members from all corners of the university to learn, create, and collaborate.

For more information, please visit ceid.yale.edu.


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