Project Space

Spaces that primarily support class projects. These spaces usually contain more resources to facilitate collaboration, i.e. meeting space and open working space. The key value of these spaces is in their abililty to integrate specific resources that enable programmed, curriculum-based learning.

Access is typically supported through enrollment. Increasing course sizes and inviting other departments participate in course offerings will increase accessibility.

Inter-disciplinary interaction will promote inter-disciplinary activities. In supporting multiple activities, these spaces become a huge resource for the campus community.

Community size will scale with enrollment, however, may also be diminished by quality of experience. Under-resourced spaces, unreliable equipment or staffing, and overly-strict access requirements are some qualities that can drive your community away.

Project Spaces have high potential in developing a strong sense of culture and community. In Academia, it’s hard to implement systems that implement strong culture because of the constant change in community (students graduate, faculty leave etc.). Finding ways to integrate dynamic systems that inhibit culture, is vital in any Project-type Makerspace.

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