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With so many reviews geared toward Commercial & Industry applications- it’s hard to find and select the right resources for students. 

Determining what resources work best for academic communities, rely on opinions from those whom purchase, install, maintain or observe these items on a frequent basis in an academic setting. Gauging value on student and staff experiences, rather than articles from tech-writers who base their positive ratings on one-week of use in their office! The following review categories provide shared experiences from the Maker Share Community:

There’s so much to choose from! Find out what equipment will work best for your community by browsing reviews from fellow makers in academia.

What tables? What chairs? What lights? What resources will influence collaboration, positive experiences, and efficiency?

Support the community with consumables. How will they make anything- if they don’t have anything to make it from?

Software that supports maker processes. The best software, doesn’t mean it’s the easiest to learn!

Card Access Systems, Networking & Communication Platforms, Inventory Tracking, Digital Signage and more!

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