LaserCut is a Laser Cutting and Engraving Post Processing Application provided with your purchase of Rabbit Laser Equipment.

The software is quite frustrating- to begin, you cannot select between standard or metric units. You are stuck using the metric system. An additional flaw, is in the translation from Chinese to English; many of the buttons and available commands are labeled incorrectly. This makes learning all the more difficult. Printer Drivers are provided, allowing you to interface with AutoCAD or Corel Draw. Unfortunately, the drivers only work with AutoCAD 2000 and a dated version of CorelDraw.

One nice feature in this application, is the ability to control speed and power settings for specific groupings of geometry on layers. Each layer, is easily identified and represented by colors (rather than names or titles). By placing the geometry on specific layers, the geometry will change color and will follow the speed/power settings of that layer. You can prepare your file in your CAD or Vector Application of choice by organizing the geometry in color groupings. Export the file as a [.dxf], [.pdf], [.eps], or [.ai] file-type, and your color groupings are preserved in LaserCut. While admirable, this feature is also available in several other Laser Post Processing Applications.

Bottom Line: The software is junk, but you pay for what you get! The Rabbit Laser Equipment and Software come at a low cost. If your students can use a smart phone, I’m certain they can navigate their way through this application.

LaserCut x.x

Free w/ Purchase of Rabbit Laser
LaserCut x.x

Ease of Use




      Learning Curve




          The Good

          • Speed/Power setting control by Geometry Color
          • Operate Laser from Application

          The Bad

          • Requires a USB Dongle License, which is susceptible to damage or theft
          • English-Chinese mis-translations make the interface difficult to use
          • Difficult to install
          • Limited CAD/Vector Application Integration

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